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FAQ for Parents

Will Joining a Sorority Benefit My Daughter?

What’s a sorority, really?

Sororities are national or international sisterhoods with chapters at accredited colleges and universities. As extended family units, sororities offer warm, caring atmospheres that encourage individual development. Sororities promote scholarship, leadership ability, community outreach, and lifelong friendships. Other opportunities for Greeks include personal development, social development, mentoring, networking, and access to scholarships, grants, and fellowships.

How will my daughter realize lifetime benefits from sorority membership?

As a collegian, your daughter will have an extended family away from home. Her new family will support her and truly care about her health, academic achievement, and leadership development. Upon leaving college, new friendships are developed in alumnae chapters with members from collegiate chapters worldwide.

Why does my daughter have to go through recruitment to be a member?

Recruitment is a period of time designated by the College Panhellenic Association when sororities may recruit new members. This is accomplished through a mutual selection process. Recruitment activities might include open houses, informal events, and/or formal events. The final event is usually called “Preferential,” (commonly referred to as “Pref Night”) and is more formal than previous events.

How can membership help my daughter succeed academically?

NPC groups value lifelong learning and encourage high scholarship. Academic achievement is an expectation of all sorority members. Sororities offer several forms of support to assist members. These might include tutors, study resources, and/or, designated study hours. Many chapters have an alumna advisor whose focus is the scholastic success of the chapter. Some chapters have a faculty advisor who also assists with this effort. Chapters and college Panhellenic monitor and acknowledge scholastic achievement.

What will be the cost of membership?

Each sorority has certain fixed expenses including dues, new member fees, initiation fees, and housing fees. Cost will vary from campus to campus depending upon need. An average cost of membership is often printed in the sorority membership recruitment brochure. You should review this information with your daughter and encourage her to discuss specifics with groups or a Panhellenic representative as needed.

What about alcohol and hazing?

All NPC groups expect its members to obey all local, state, and federal laws and abide by the fraternity’s policies and guidelines. Every effort is made to educate young women about not only the legal ramifications of functioning outside the guidelines but also the health repercussions that can impact their bodies. Hazing is against the law, and all NPC sororities have strict policies prohibiting hazing in any form. Stringent guidelines have been developed with regard to hosting social events and, at no time, can chapter funds be used to purchase alcohol. If an incident does occur, the inter/national organization intervenes with disciplinary measures and further education to achieve a higher level of safety for members.